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All about Highway 67 Truck Dismantlers
Highway 67 Truck Dismantlers   (619) 390-1618   (619) 286-1923  

Used Truck Parts San Diego / East County San Diego Auto Wrecker/ East County San Diego Junk Yard

Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 1:00pm
Highway 67 Truck Dismantlers: You're Source for Used Truck Parts in San Diego

Lakeside's Truck Wrecking Yard/ Auto Wrecker

Your source for quailty used auto parts, OEM auto parts, and new auto parts for your truck, van, s.u.v. and even car
Located along side Highway 67, in Lakeside California, Highway 67 Truck Dismantlers is East County San Diego's top truck and auto wrecking yard/ junk yard. With a huge inventory of Trucks, SUV's, Vans and some cars, plus thousands of used auto parts, used truck parts and oem auto parts in our vast stock, we are bound to have the auto parts you need to repair your vehicle.
We are family owned and operated, and committed to giving you the highest quality used truck parts and oem auto parts at an affordable price. We are dedicated to finding your auto part, if we don't have the used auto parts, new auto parts, or truck parts here we'll try to locate the parts for you.

Quality Auto Parts at the Right Price

Whether it's a center console for your explorer, wheels for your jeep, an engine for C10, or front suspension for your 4 runner, our extremely knowledgable and friendly staff are devoted to getting the correct auto parts for your vehicles.
• Engines
• Transmissions
• Suspension Parts
• Body Parts
• Electronic Components
• Differentials
• Interior Parts
• and so many more
  Used Auto Parts and New Auto Parts
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A Massive Collection of Trucks, SUV's, Vans and even Cars. Plus an Extensive Catalogue of Used OEM Auto Parts.

With over 4 acres of space filled with vehicles we have the truck parts, SUV parts, van parts and other used auto parts and new auto parts you need.


1979 Chevrolet C20
Todd S.'s
0000 GMC Yukon XL

Rat Rod?
Hot Rod?
Trying to restore a classic?
Looking for a hard to find part?
Ask us. We have classic vehicles and parts, and the knowledge to help.

No need to bring tools
we pull the parts for you.

Military discount available
with active I.D.

  • San Diego County's Source for:
  • East County's Source for:
  • California's Source for:
  • Southern California's Source for:
  • America's Source for:
  • AC Assembly Complete, AC Compressor, AC Compressor Clutch,
  • AC Condensor, AC Condensor Fan, AC Evaporator,
  • Air Bag Complete System, Air Bag Control Module, Air Bag Driver,
  • Air Bag Passenger, Air Box Air Cleaner, Air Flow Meter,
  • Air Ride Compressor, Alternator, Anti Lock Brake Computer,
  • Anti Lock Brake Pump, Axle Assembly Front, Axle Assembly Rear,
  • Axle Beam Front Driver, Axle Beam Front Passenger, Axle Beam Rear Driver,
  • Axle Beam Rear Passenger, Axle Shaft Front, Blower Motor,
  • Brake Rotor Drum Rear, Brake Rotor Front, Bumper Assembly Front
  • Backup Light, Bumper Assembly Rear, Bumper Cover Front,
  • Bumper Cover Rear, Bumper Impact Absorber Front, Bumper Impact Absorber Rear,
  • Bumper Reinforcement Front, Bumper Reinforcement Rear, Caliper Driver Front,
  • Caliper Driver Rear, Caliper Passenger Front, Caliper Passenger Rear,
  • Camshaft, Carrier Assembly with Gears, Carrier Case Only,
  • CD Player Radio, Chassis Control Computer, Clock Gauges Instument Cluster,
  • Column Switch, Computer Box Engine, Condensor Radiator Cooling Fan,
  • Control Arm Front Lower Driver, Control Arm Front Lower Passenger, Control Arm Front Upper Driver,
  • Control Arm Front Upper Passenger, Control Arm Rear Lower Driver, Control Arm Rear Lower Passenger
  • Control Arm Rear Upper Driver, Control Arm Rear Upper Passenger, Conv Top Lift,
  • Conv Top Motor, Cooling Fan Rad and Con, Crank Pulley,
  • Crankshaft, Cruise Control Computer, Cylinder Head,
  • Differential Assembly, Differential Case Only, Differential Flange Only,
  • Distributor, Door Front Driver, Door Front Passenger,
  • Door Glass Front Driver, Door Glass Front Passenger, Door Glass Rear Driver,
  • Door Glass Rear Passenger, Door Mirror Front Driver, Door Mirror Front Passenger,
  • Door Rear Driver, Door Rear Passenger, Door Regulator Front Driver,
  • Door Regulator Front Passenger, Door Switch Front, Door Vent Glass Front Driver
  • Door Vent Glass Front Passenger, Door Vent Glass Rear Driver, Door Vent Glass Rear Passenger,
  • Door Vent Glass Regulator Front, Door Vent Glass Regulator Rear, Door Window Motor Front Driver,
  • Door Window Motor Front Passenger, Door Window Motor Rear Driver, Door Window Motor Rear Passenger,
  • Drive Shaft Front, Drive Shaft Rear, Electric Door Motor,
  • Electric Window Motor Front Driver, Electric Window Motor Front Passenger, Electric Window Motor Rear Driver,
  • Electric Window Motor Rear Passenger, Engine, Engine Computer,
  • Engine Cradle, Fan Blade, Fan Clutch,
  • Fender, Flywheel, Fog Lamp Driver,
  • Fog Lamp Passenger, Front Clip, Fuel Distributor,
  • Fuel Injector Pump, Gate Wind Motor Rear, Gauges Clock Instrument Cluster, Glass Back,
  • Glass Front Door Driver, Glass Front Door Passenger, Glass Front Vent Driver,
  • Glass Front Vent Passenger, Glass Quarter Window, Glass Rear Door Driver,
  • Glass Rear Door Passenger, Glass Rear Vent Driver, Glass Rear Vent Passenger,
  • Grille, Harmonic Balancer, Head,
  • Header Panel, Headlight Assembly Standard Driver, Headlight Assembly Standard Passenger,
  • Headlight Assembly Xenon Driver, Headlight Assembly Xenon Passenger, Headlight Door Driver,
  • Headlight Door Passenger, Headlight Motor Driver, Headlight Motor Passenger,
  • Headlight Washer Motor Only Driver, Headlight Washer Motor Only Passenger, Headlight Wiper Motor Only Driver,
  • Headlight Wiper Motor Only Passenger, Heater AC Control, Heater Assy,
  • Heater Core, Heater Motor, Hood,
  • Hub, Hub Cap Wheel Cover, Hub Lockout,
  • Ignition Module, Ignition switch, Instrument Cluster Gauges,
  • Intake Manifold, Knee Assembly Driver, Knee Assembly Passenger,
  • Leaf Spring Front Driver, Leaf Spring Front Passenger, Leaf Spring Rear Driver,
  • Leaf Spring Rear Passenger, License Lamp, Lid Gate,
  • Lockout Hub 4X4, Marker Fog Light Front, Marker Side Light Rear,
  • Master Cylinder, Mirror Door Driver, Mirror Door Passenger,
  • Mirror Rear View, Oil Pan Engine, Oil Pan,
  • Park Fog Lamp Front, Park Lamp Rear, Power Steering Assembly,
  • Power Window Switch Front Driver, Power Window Switch Front Passenger, Power Window Switch Rear Driver,
  • Power Window Switch Rear Passenger, Quarter Window Driver, Quarter Window Motor Driver,
  • Quarter Window Motor Passenger, Quarter Window Passenger, Quarter Window Regulator Driver,
  • Quarter Window Regulator Passenger, Radiator, Radiator Condensor Cooling Fan,
  • Radiator Core Support, Radio CD, Ring and Pinion Only,
  • Seat Back, Seat Belt Front Driver, Seat Belt Front Passenger,
  • Seat Belt Motor Driver, Seat Belt Motor Passenger, Seat Belt Rear Driver,
  • Seat Belt Rear Passenger, Seat Front, Seat Rear,
  • Seat Track Front Only, Side Marker Driver, Side Marker Passenger,
  • Slave Cylinder, Speedometer, Speedometer Cluster,
  • Spindle, Spoiler Front, Spoiler Rear,
  • Stabilizer Bar Only, Starter, Steering Rack Box Gear,
  • Strut Front Driver, Strut Front Passenger, Strut Rear Driver,
  • Strut Rear Passenger, Stub Axle Only Rear, Sun Roof Motor,
  • Sun Roof T Top, Supercharger Turbocharger, Suspension Locating Arm Rear,
  • Suspension Rear, Suspension Trailing Arm Rear, Tail Light Driver,
  • Tail Light Passenger, Tailgate Hinge, Tailgate Trunklid,
  • Third Brake Light, Throttle Body Throttle Valve Housing, Timing Cover,
  • Transaxle Housing Only, Transfer Case, Transmission,
  • Transmission Bellhousing Only, Transmission Computer, Transmission Pan,
  • Transmission Torque Converter, Trunk Lid Hatch, TTop Sunroof,
  • Turbocharger Supercharger, Valve Cover, Water Pump,
  • Wheel Cover Hubcap, Window Motor, Window Regulator Rear,
  • Window Washer Motor, Windshield, Windshield Washer Motor,
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